Iraq in talks with global firms to invest in gas from oil fields


Shafaq News / Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister Hayyan Abdulghani announced on Friday that the country is in negotiations with international companies to invest in gas from a number of oil fields.

Abdulghani made the announcement during a press conference on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony for the first phase of the gas compression station development project at Hammar Mashrif in the Zubair oil field in Basra governorate.

He stated that the Hammar Mashrif gas compression station is one of 24 gas compression stations, which includes four compressors with a capacity of 35 million standard cubic feet per day.

Today, two additional compressors with a capacity of 32 million standard cubic feet per day were added. This project will add new quantities of raw gas, including 30 million cubic feet of dry gas, 150 tons of liquid gas, and 600 barrels of condensate. Gas companies in Basra will add five new compressors in the second phase of the project to increase production capacity to 147 million standard cubic feet per day.

These five new compressors will increase the capacity to invest in associated gas and reduce its combustion in the Zubair oil field, as well as provide significant amounts of dry gas to power plants, according to the minister.

The Minister also revealed that there are negotiations with one specialized global company to invest in gas from the Majnoon, West Qurna/2, Luhais, and Artawi fields, expressing hope for signing investment contracts in this field soon.

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