Iraq and Lebanon conclude an industrial agreement

Iraq and Lebanon conclude an industrial agreement

Shafaq News/ Iraq and Lebanon's Ministries of Industry on Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding on industrial cooperation between the two countries.

The Iraqi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Manhal Aziz al-Khabbaz, convened with his Lebanese counterpart, George Boshekian, in the Ministry headquarters in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The meeting was attended by senior officials and advisors in the Ministry, a delegation accompanying the Lebanese Minister, and the ambassadors of both countries. The two ministers signed a memorandum of understanding to bolster the partnership and cooperation between Beirut and Baghdad in the field of Industry.

Al-Khabbaz highlighted the Prime Minister and the Government's endeavors to uphold the people and the government of Lebanon to overcome the crisis and tough conditions it is facing.

The Minister shed light on the success of the Lebanese experience in a variety of industries, especially pharmaceuticals, and the prospects of cooperation with resource-rich Iraq.

Minister al-Khabbaz laid emphasis on establishing a strong foundation for cooperation and partnership. "The Ministry of Agriculture has engaged larger domains with a more open approach. The Iraqi government intends to build a true partnership with the neighboring countries and render Iraq an active player in the region."

Minister Boushekian expressed optimism about the impact of this step on the future of the ties between Baghdad and Beirut and the interests of both countries.

A statement issued by the Ministry said that the meeting discussed the contracts concluded with the Lebanese side to exploit the prospect of the Samarra and Nineveh pharmaceuticals' potential to produce chronic and cancer medications.

The meeting touched upon the minerals industry as the Minister instructed holding bilateral meetings with the Lebanese side to provide consultation and establish a channel of communication between technicians from both Ministries.

In a press conference he held after the meeting, al-Khabbaz sais said that the visit aims to find a cooperation formula between the two sides and proceed with the first step towards economic integration.

Lebanon's Minister of Industry, George Boushekian, arrived this afternoon in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, flanked by a delegation of Lebanese business people and state officials.

Upon his arrival, a coordination meeting was held in the presence of the Lebanese Ambassador to Iraq Ali Al-Habhab, the Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon Haider Al-Barrak, the FAO Ambassador to Iraq Dr. Salah Al-Hajj Hassan, the head of the Lebanese-Iraqi Business Forum Hassan Jaber, and the head of the Novelty Company, Bilal Mohieldin.

He thanked the Iraqi government and its people for the warm welcome, praising the Iraqi support for Lebanon and commending “the depth of bilateral relations and the common determination to develop them.”

“We look forward to developing areas of work between Lebanon and Iraq, whether in industry or other sectors, to push the Lebanese and Iraqi economy forward. We will also discuss during this visit the issue of transit, that is, allowing Lebanese trucks to reach their end destination in Iraq and facilitating administrative and routine transactions,” Industry Minister explained.

“We will also agree to activate the industrial exchange agreement, knowing that the Lebanese industrial sector is very developed, such as the pharmaceutical and food chemical industries,” he went on.

“We will work to activate the industrial exchange agreement, knowing that the Lebanese industrial sector is very developed, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, and the import of raw materials from Iraq that the Lebanese industry needs,” the minister concluded.

The Minister will also inaugurate the second Iraqi-Lebanese Business Conference, which will be held on Monday at Babel Hotel.

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