Iraq, India Seek to Enhance Bilateral Ties as Oil Ministers Sign Comprehensive MoU

Iraq, India Seek to Enhance Bilateral Ties as Oil Ministers Sign Comprehensive MoU

Shafaq News/ Iraq signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India on Tuesday, heralding expanded cooperation between the two nations.

Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Oil Minister Hayan Abdul-Ghani, attached importance to fostering and broadening bilateral cooperation with the Republic of India across diverse fields.

The wide-ranging collaboration includes economic, commercial, financial, technical, health, agricultural, cultural domains, among others, according to the ministry's official statement.

Abdul-Ghani praised India as an integral trade partner and a key importer of Iraqi crude oil. "Historical ties, friendship, and distinguished cooperation bind us," he said, acknowledging India's growing stature as an economic and industrial power.

"India today represents an economic and industrial force that enjoys accelerated growth."

The comprehensive agreement, according to the minister, spans several areas of cooperation, including trade, finance, energy, economy, industry, science, health, technology, agriculture, culture, consular affairs, training and expertise exchange, and other axes serving mutual interests.

"We welcome Indian investment companies to operate in Iraq in all sectors," he added.

On his part, Hardeep Puri, the Indian Oil Minister, lauded the ongoing evolution of Indo-Iraqi relation and the historic ties between the two nations, reiterating India's keenness to be a pivotal commercial partner for Iraq.

"India is eager to enhance these relations in all fields," Puri noted, highlighting Indian companies' desire to implement major projects in Iraq.

The Iraqi side in the committee comprised several ministries, including Oil, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Industry, Agriculture, Transport, Water Resources, Housing and Construction, Electricity, Communications, Education, Culture, Higher Education, Labor and Social Affairs, along with representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority, the Central Bank of Iraq, and the private sector.

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