International companies considering investments in abandoned plants in al-Anbar, local official says


Shafaq News/ International companies submitted proposals to invest the cement and phosphate plants in the district of Fallujah, the head of the District, Moayad al-Dulaimi, revealed in a statement to Shafaq News Agency.

"Russian companies have expressed their desire to conclude a contract to rehabilitate and invest in Fallujah cement plant, which was destroyed and robbed during ISIS control over the governorate."

Al-Dulaimi added, "Belgian and Bulgarian companies have confirmed their interests in investing in the phosphate plant. The facility is 80% destroyed."

He explained, "Al-Qaim phosphate plant has been shut down for more than 17 years."

Al-Dulaimi indicated, "the security stability al-Anbar contributed to attracting companies to invest in the province."

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