Ilam exports 284 million dollars worth of goods to Iraq via one border crossing


Shafaq News / The Customs Director of Ilam province in Iran announced on Thursday that this year, the province has exported $ 284 million worth of goods to Iraq through the Mehran border crossing only.

The Iranian Mehr Agency quoted Rouhollah Gholami, director-general of Ilam Customs Administration saying that the trades between Iran and Iraq through Mehran border crossing are on track with all coronavirus-related health protocols in place.

He noted that currently, 500 trucks carrying Iran's export goods cross the Mehran border to Iraq daily.

Construction materials, steel products, glass and tiles were the main products exported via Mehran during the eight-month period.

According to Gholami, Iran’s exports to Iraq via Mehran checkpoint stood at $1.18 billion during the last fiscal year


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