Basra light closes on the top of OPEC crudes


Shafaq News/ Basra's light crude closed on the top of OPEC crudes yesterday, Friday, while pocketing $75.37 a barrel, 1.01% above the previous session's price.

The price of a Basra heavy crude barrel rose to $66.78 a barrel, up by 1.58%.

The prices of both crudes imported to the Asian market inched up driven by the rising prices of other global crudes, as Brent and West Texas crudes registered $74.10 an $72.07 a barrel, respectively.

The Saudi Arab light crude closed at $74.33 a barrel, while Iran's heavy settled $69.23 a barrel. UAE's Murban Mixture and the Algerian Saharan blend registered $73.19 and $73.36 a barrel, respectively. A barrel of Bonny light (Nigeria) registered $72.80, $0.08 below Angola's Girassol.

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