Basra crudes yield amid rising International crude prices


Shafaq News/ The price of the Basra light and heavy crudes inched up today, Saturday, driven by the rise of other crudes' prices.

Basra light oil exports to Asia climbed to 75.87$ a barrel. Similarly, Basra heavy crude recorded a 0.07% leap, registering $71.06 a barrel.

Basra light Oil recorded the highest prices compared to other OPEC oils.

The Saudi Arabian Light scored $74.71 a barrel, while the Emirati Murban scored $74.33 a barrel, followed by the Algerian Saharan blend at $74.99 a barrel, Nigerian Bonny Light at $75.09, and Angola's Girassol at $75.23.

International crude prices closed higher, with Brent crude settling at $76.18 and US West Texas crude (WTI) at $74.05.

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