Basra Light Crude achieves 81 cents profit within a week


Shafaq News/ The international oil market data reported, on Saturday, that the price of Basra Light oil achieved profits of 81 cents per barrel during the past week.

Basra crude climbed in its last session by 70 cents to reach $84.59 and achieved weekly gains of 81 cents, or 97%.

Although Basra Heavy crude fell in its last session by $1.26 to reach $78.47, it also recorded weekly gains of 21 cents or 0.27%.

In its last session, Brent crude rose by 1.09% to reach 85.53 dollars and achieved weekly profits of 67 cents, or 0.79% in a week.

The US West Texas Intermediate crude was also settled, with a rise of 1.53%, to reach $83.76 a barrel, to record weekly profits of $1.48, or the equivalent of 1.8 percent.

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