Bad weather did not affect Iraq's oil exports, SOMO says


Shafaq News / Iraq's State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) confirmed that the bad weather did affect its exports.

The assistant to the Director-General of SOMO, Ali Nizar, told Shafaq News agency that Iraq exports 3,300,000 oil barrels, 3,200,000 of which come from southern oil fields, while the remaining 100,000 come from oil fields in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk's production capacity may decrease to 85,000 for logistic causes, of which 10,000 barrels are exported to Jordan, while the remainder goes straight to the Jihan pipeline to be exported.

"We expected oil exports to drop in January and February, due to the bad weather", he said,    "The weather did affect Iraq's oil exports until the moment."

Most Iraqi cities have witnessed a sharp drop in temperature.

Earlier today, the Deputy Minister for extraction affairs, Karim Hattab, said that the ministry is putting a lot of effort to completely rely on clean energy, in addition to supporting investment projects in associated gas and minimizing gas emissions.

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