Al-Sudani to continue discussing the liquidity crisis with experts, official

Al-Sudani to continue discussing the liquidity crisis with experts, official

Shafaq News/ The recent measures taken by US authorities to tighten the channeling of dollars to Iran from Iraq have decreased the value of the Iraqi dinar on the black market, the member of the Iraqi Parliament, Haitham Al-Zarkani explained to Shafaq News Agency the rapid appreciation.

"Iraq is still besieged; the United States raised before the exchange rate what trembled the dinar against the dollar, led to currency smuggling operations," Al-Zarkani said.

"Now, Washington has again besieged the new government by not granting liquidity due to the theft of the century and corruption." He added.

"Iraq's fate is still linked to internal and external pressure. "

He pointed out that the dollar is likely to remain strong, but the official price in the fiscal budget is not discussed yet to be changed.

Al-Zarkani revealed that during a meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohamad S. Al-Sudani promised to hold continuous discussions with experts and specialists to solve the problem."

The dollar exchange rate in the black market has been hovering around 1,580 Iraqi dinars from 1,470 dinars, a new record since 2020.

To control the rate at the black market, the government has asked the CBI to take urgent steps to compensate for a dollar shortage in the local market and to help private banks strengthen their non-US dollar foreign currency reserves such as the Chinese yuan, the euro, the Emirati dirham, and the Jordanian dinar.

But these measures failed to strengthen the currency

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