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Iran to produce a vaccine for Covid-19

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Date: 2020-07-11T13:57:48+0000
Iran to produce a vaccine for Covid-19

Shafaq News / Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced on Saturday that his country is “seeking to produce a vaccine for the Corona virus, despite US sanctions”.

Rouhani stressed, during the National Committee meeting to confront Covid-19, that "no country in the world can afford the consequences of the closed economy for several months”.

"Despite the efforts we made during the first month of covid-19 outbreak, the number of deaths has increased, and we are seeking to reduce it", he added.

He continued: "We are working to find a vaccine and treatment against the Corona virus, and we have not sat and waited for someone to produce the vaccine to take it, despite the sanctions imposed on us."

On Friday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced, in its latest covid-19 statistic, that 142 fatalities were registered, which brings the fatality toll to 12,447.

The Iranian health authorities also recorded a total of 252,720 cases.