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Kurdistan: A reform project ceremony

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-07-11T16:45:32+0000
Kurdistan: A reform project ceremony

Shafaq News / the Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani refused to link the government reform project to the financial crisis and salary cuts, confirming that his government is now concerned about providing salaries for employees and retirees.

Barzani said at a reform project ceremony in Al-Sulaimaniyah today, that the “Kurdish deserve such projects and even better ones’’, adding that “the government is going to execute infrastructure projects in Kurdistan as part of its plan.

"The regional government has pledged to serve the citizens without discrimination, but unfortunately we have faced successive crises, including the financial one and the outbreak of Covid-19" he said.

He also referred to the economic crisis in the region, and the unprecedented fall in oil prices worldwide.

In the same context, Governor Haval Abubakar said in the opening ceremony that this project is ”one of the strategic projects necessary for the region”..

He added that “other projects would be implemented in Kurdistan, adding that Masrour Barzani had expressed his full support to complete the project”.