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Al- Sulaymaniyah witnessed a burial ceremony

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-07-10T19:37:27+0000
Al- Sulaymaniyah witnessed a burial ceremony

Shafaq News / On Friday, Al- Sulaymaniyah witnessed the burial ceremony of the Sheikh of At-Tariqah Al-Aliyyah Al-Qadiriyyah Al-Kasnazaniyyah (Kasnazani way) in Iraq and the world Muhammad al-Muhammad Abd al-Karim al-Kisnazi  amid popular and official presence.

Thousands of followers gathered from Iran and the Kurdish and Iraqi governorates since yesterday in Al-Sulaimaniyah to participate in the farewell of their leader.

Shafaq news agency reporter said that, After the burial, a ceremony took place to take allegiance from the caliphs, the Dervishes to the son of the elder Sheikh Nehru Muhammad al-Kisnazi ​​to be the new president of the method in Iraq and the world, noting that the allegations took place in complete secrecy as the media was not allowed to cover the news.

Muhammad al-Kisnazi ​​was born in the Karbajna village in the Sinkaw district of the Kirkuk governorate April 15, 1938, and died this month at the age of 82 in USA.