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Al-Sulaymaniah is in danger due to the Dervishes

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-07-09T17:39:35+0000
Al-Sulaymaniah is in danger due to the Dervishes

Shafaq News / The Kurdish Ministry of Health commented, on Thursday, on the storming of thousands of "Dervishes" coming from Iran "with swords and daggers" a Kurdish crossing to participate in the burial ceremonies of Shaikh Muhammad Al-Muhammad Abdul Kareem Al-Kasnazani in Al-Sulaymaniyah."

"They should be treated as all infected with the virus," the spokesperson of the Ministry Mohamed Qadir said، noting that "if one of them is infected with Covid-19 or carries the virus، it will be transmitted to everyone."

He added that "the Ministry of Health will not be able to control the situation by itself, but rather the Ministry of Interior should interfere and prevent their arrival in Al-Sulaymaniyah," stressing "they must be returned from where they came from."

Earlier, A local official in Kurdistan said, today, Thursday, that more than 2000 Dervishes following the Kisnazi method stormed a crossing coming from Iran, pointing that they killed some Iranian security officials.