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A new drug for Covid-19 in Kurdistan

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Date: 2020-07-09T00:29:16+0000
A new drug for Covid-19 in Kurdistan

Shafaq News / The Kurdish Ministry of Health welcomed, today, Wednesday, the local production of "Favipiravir" to treat Covid-19 infection.
In a statement received by Shafaq News agency, the Ministry said, "as part of the global endeavors to find a medicine to treat coronavirus (COVID-19), we announce that the anti-virus drug (Favipiravir) has been produced in Kurdistan.
"The drug approved by countries such as Russia and Japan, and some other countries, which are considered by the ministry of health and environment and the Region, among the medicines treating this epidemic", the statement added.
"The drug was produced in cooperation and coordination of laboratories around the world and began distributing it to reduce the level of infection and reduce the death rate".
The statement pointed out that Awamedica Pharmaceutical Company produced this drug in Kurdistan, which is the first at the level of Iraq and the Middle East.