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Protests escalate in Southern Iraqi governorates

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Date: 2020-07-19T14:14:43+0000
Protests escalate in Southern Iraqi governorates

Shafaq news/ Protest in several Iraqi southern governorates descends into massive unrest.

Demonstrators in Maysan governorate stormed "Al-Botera power plant" to protest the prolonged power outages.

In Wasit, dozens of car owners demonstrated in front of the province's entrance to protest against collecting a tax, amounting to 10 thousand dinars for every vehicle.

In Dhi Qar, most of the departments of "Souq Al-Shuyoukh" district were closed by the demonstrators, demanding the dismissal of the District's Commissioner, Hussein Faraj, over accusations of administrative corruption. demonstrators also closed the three gates of Dhi Qar Oil Company and burned tires demanding their appointment, after the ministry promised them to allocate 2,000 promotions as by 2020 budget.

On Sunday morning, protesters besieged Dhi Qar Governorate headquarters to demand the dismissal of the governor and directors of all departments.

Citizens of Al-Diwaniyah burned tires in front of the governorates Electricity Department due to the lack of processing hours.

In Karbala, the residents of Al-Jamaliah protested against the deteriorating electricity services, while they prevented the employees of diesel station in the east of the governorate from entering it.

The electricity supply service was close to total collapse recently. This was accompanied by the escalation of temperatures to unprecedented ranges.

The electricity problem was a reason for the outbreak of the demonstrations several years ago, especially in summer when the government fails to provide the service.

The Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi recently confirmed that Iraq faces "serious challenges" including the electricity crisis and attributed them to "mismanagement in the country".