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Iraq sets conditions to travel abroad

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Date: 2020-07-09T23:52:17+0000
Iraq sets conditions to travel abroad

Shafaq News/ The Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety decided, Thursday, to approve special regulations for Iraqis who want to travel abroad.

The Iraqi authorities imposed escalating restrictions since on March 17, including banning all flights to and from the country, as part of preventive actions to contain the outbreak of COVID-19.

A statement issued by the General Secretariat of The Council of Ministers stated, "All Iraqis are allowed to travel abroad, if a pledge of house quarantine for 14 days on return, after clinical and laboratory tests were carried out in the Airport".

The new conditions also included a clinical examination of all Iraqi arrivals as well as a prompt examination, and if there are no symptoms a negative test result, they will be quarantined in their houses for 14 days".