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Basra records 10 infections and one death with Corona

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Date: 2020-04-05T13:36:22+0000
Basra records 10 infections and one death with Corona

Shafaq News / Basra Province recorded on Sunday, 10 new infections, two cases of recovery and one death from the Coruna virus, while the Crisis Cell announced its success in manufacturing equipment to test the virus.

A statement of Basra Health Department reported to Shafaq News, that "10 new infections were recorded with Corona virus, two cases of recovery and one death", explaining that "the cumulative numbers of cases infected with Corona virus since the beginning of the crisis have become 132 cases, 38 have gained full recovery and 11 deaths cases until now".

Covid-19 Crisis Response Cell in Basra University in southern Iraq, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, has succeeded in producing laboratory supplies that the country urgently needs to accelerate checks for suspected Covid-19 virus cases.

By April 1, the university’s manufacturing team has succeeded in producing more than 1620 corona-transmitting mediators in addition to 3,200 nasal swabs distributed to health directorates in Basra, Muthanna, Karbala, and Wasit provinces.

The media produced by the university, in addition to the RT-PCR sets provided by the World Health Organization, have facilitated the tests of thousands of suspected cases in southern Iraq.

In this regard, Dr. Adham Ismail, representative of the World Health Organization in Iraq, said "The lack of supplies and equipment necessary to collect and transfer samples was among the obstacles in containing and reducing the spread of Covid-19 virus in Iraq. For this reason, WHO coordinated efforts with Basra University to produce laboratory products. It is necessary to examine cases of suspected corona infection. We have together set a goal to produce the quantities needed by the country. ”

Dr. Saad Shaheen, Head of Basra University, said "The new local production of transport media was the result of a collective effort between the University of Basra, the World Health Organization and other colleges such as Al-Zahra Medical College, College of Pharmacy, College of Science and College of Agriculture in Basra." He added, "We hope that this will solve the problem of the local shortage caused by the increase in global demand for these supplies."

The Covid-19 Crisis Response Cell at Basra University also announced other measures to tackle the virus, including the launch of an electronic application for self-reporting of Covid-19 virus infection. 4,500 people have used this app so far, including 130 people who require further RT-PCR screening.

With support from the World Health Organization and the Iraqi government, sterilization materials are also produced locally, including the gel used to sterilize hands.