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Basra announces arresting the deputy commander of "divine anger" army

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Date: 2019-11-12T14:44:06+0000
Basra announces arresting the deputy commander of "divine anger" army

Shafaq News/ Basra police chief Lieutenant General ,Rashid Fuleih said that the security situation in the province is stable, unlike the rest of the other Iraqi provinces, pointing out that the situation is calm in front of all the people of the city and the evidence is the movement of vehicles and citizens in different areas.

Falih said in a statement received to Shafaq News that "the security forces have a significant contribution in providing protection for peaceful demonstrators in front of the government compound located in the center of Basra city," pointing out that "saboteurs who participated in making chaos between peaceful demonstrators and security services were known and arrested by the security members while trying to burn some security and government institutions. "

Basra police chief revealed the arrest of 30 people of different affiliations, one is the deputy commander of the so-called "Army of divine anger " and others belonging to a third movement, some of them linked to "foreign agendas" and some of them receive money, as recorded in the initial investigations.

He added that "the injured members of the security forces so far are (300) wounded, including one martyr," revealing that "some of them were injured by iron balls known during the recent events in the province."