ISX yields 2.11% gains while trading +1.7billions worth of equities


Shafaq News/ Trading volume in Iraq's stock market surpassed 1.7billion equities valued at 1.8billion dinars in its first sessions this week.

A report of the market obtained by Shafaq News agency said, "34 publicly traded companies cast out today of 104 enlisted companies," indicating, "equities of 11 companies went up, while only three went down."

"2,162,078,000 equities were traded today at a value of 1,744,000 dinars in 685 deals. ISX60 index ended up at 544.38, yielding 2.11% from the last session's close," the report added.

Al-Khair Finance, followed by Agricultural Products, were the top boosts to the index, notching a 12.5% and 10% gain, respectively. In comparison, al-Ahliya credit and al-Amin Real Estate benchmarks index slid as much as -10% and -6.67%, respectively.

It is noteworthy that Iraq Stock Exchange installed Central Depository and Electronic Trading Systems in 2009 and currently bolstering efforts to deploy online transaction services. It organizes five weekly sessions and lists 104 public companies from different economic sectors.

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