For the first time, Iraqi women get 97 seats in the parliamentary election


Shafaq News/ The General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday that female candidates running for the parliamentary election have secured 97 seats out of 329 (29.4%), a record high in Iraq's history.

In a press release issued earlier today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Women Empowerment Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said, "according to the preliminary analysis of the election results, Iraqi women managed to win 97 seats, an increase of 14 seats over the quota for women, including two winners from minorities, while these results showed that 97 women won. its voting power without the need for a quota."

The statement called on all women to "continue efforts to participate in the various stages of the political process and decision-making, and to pay attention to women’s issues and legislation that would guarantee their rights and enhance their position in society."

The women's quota system in Iraq means guaranteeing at least 25% of parliament seats for women in order to achieve female representation that the Iraqi constitution is keen to establish.

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