Coordination Framework bypassed a key selection mechanism to name al-Sudani for premiership


Shafaq News/ Lawmaker Mohammad Shiyaa al-Sudani's candidature for the premiership of Iraq bypassed the selection mechanism the Coordination Framework has adopted to select the head of the government that will emerge from the controversial October 10 election, a leading figure in the Shiite forces consortium said on Monday.

"Months ago, the Coordination Framework decided that the roster of the potential candidates for the prime minister's position shall be filtered through a specialized committee prior to putting a shortlist before the general assembly of the Coordination Framework for a vote," the leading figure who preferred to remain anonymous told Shafaq News Agency.

"However, al-Sudani was not selected this way. The committee presented a shortlist with his name on it, and leaders in a meeting held earlier today chose him by a majority," the figure said, "the general assembly was not involved in his candidature."

"The Kurdish and Sunni parties will be informed about the Coordination Framework soon, and a session for the election of the president will be scheduled consequently," the source concluded.

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