Iraq marks shortage of Covid-19 diagnostic medical kits


Shafaq News / The Parliamentary Crisis Cell disclosed on Thursday that there is a shortage of medical equipment of diagnosing new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19).

"There is a lack of materials for detecting cases of coronavirus infection, and lack of Rapid Test kits and TM for the PCR swab in government hospitals," the committee's rapporteur, Jawad al-Moussawi, told Shafaq News Agency.

"The Ministry of Health bears responsibility for the unavailability of these materials in hospitals due to the Ministry’s delay in supply contracts," stressing that "there is a waste of public money by officials of the Ministry by contracting with scientific companies and their delay in importing materials for the detection Covid-19 cases,” He added.

Corona virus infection and death rates increased in Iraq days ago, as the number of cases exceeded 1000 cases per day at a time when governorates announced their need for materials for the medical tests.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and Environment announced that 34 deaths and 1146 new cases were recorded throughout Iraq, in a series of the highest rates recently started by the country.

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