Latest on the worldwide spread of COVID-19


Shafaq news/ So far, COVID-19 is affecting about than 220 countries and territories around the world.

According to Johns Hopkins University which shows the latest update of countries and territories classification showed that global coronavirus cases rose to more than 131 million cases. (131,212,766) and 2,845,462 deaths

The United States still rank the first 30,706,121 cases, and 555,001 deaths, meanwhile Brazil is in the second place with 12,984,956 cases and 331,433 deaths.

The other countries in the top infected countries list are respectively, Mexico (2,250,458 cases), India (12,485,509), UK (4,373,798 cases), Italy (3,668,264 cases), Russia (4,529,576 cases), France (4,883,174 cases), Germany (2,896,329 cases) and Spain (3,300,965 cases).

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