KDP on relations with other parties: understandings, not alliances


Shafaq News/ A leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) shed light on the party's post-election strategy with the Sadrist movement outside the electoral contest.

KDP leader Shwan Muhammad Taha told Shafaq News Agency, "KDP has understandings. It does not have alliances with any political parties. We will run for the elections as an independent party, and we have the capacity to do so."

"After the elections, we will have a clear view with the Iraqi political forces on the government. We have an issue, and we deal with the situation accordingly."

"The alliances to be formed after the elections will not be directed against other parties. We, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, endorse the political consensus."

"We work and encourage the parties that pulled out of the electoral contest to reverse its decision. This includes all the political parties, not only the Sadrist

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