IHEC responds to KDP: appeals deadline was not extended


Shafaq News/ The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) on Thursday denied extending the deadline for filing the appeals against the election results.

IHEC's remarks came in response to a statement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). The Kurdish party said that the purpose of this extension is to give "certain parties" an advantage over others by tampering with the results.

"The Commission did not make a decision named "extending the appeals deadline" given that it is determined by the law and neither IHEC nor other [entities] have the authority to extend it. In fact, it only allowed the appellants to present evidence to their appeals within the legal duration of three days."

"IHEC's decision is subsumed under the 'appeals annex' title, which is a measure guaranteed by law. It could not be considered an extension. The proof is that the number of the appeals filed within the deadline, 1436, did not change."

"The President of the Republic and the head of the Judicial Council did not interfere in the work of the Commission. They endorsed its independence and engaging its duty apart from any pressure."

KDP statement said in a statement earlier today that the President of the Republic and Justice Chief exerted pressure upon IHEC to extend the appeals deadline against the law.

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