Barzani: Kurdistan must be a true partner in Iraq


Shafaq News/Kurdistan's President Nechirvan Barzani confirmed the need for the Region to be a real partner in the Iraqi federal state by sharing power in all its forms, stressing that this will ensure the stability of the new Iraq and preserve its territorial integrity.

"The people of Kurdistan have suffered over the past 100 years, and unfortunately, After a century, the Kurdish people are still struggling to obtain their rights as they were always afraid of the past. Also, today they are still afraid from the present," Barzani said in his speech during the conference: "Iraq: A tragic Fate" that was held in Erbil.

He added that "the power struggle is the main problem in Iraq, as well as when a party wants to impose its viewpoint on the other parties or resort to the use of force or punishment to resolve problems that have always occurred in Iraq."

The President touched on the emergence of ISIS in the country, saying, "If Iraq is not stable, the region will not be stable. If nothing changes, Iraq's problems will not be resolved. If the same political mistakes and the marginalization of components with the same mentality of imposing force continue, certainly, tomorrow an organization similar to ISIS will be born."

"Iraq is the country of components. Since its establishment, it was formed according to three states (Mosul, Baghdad, and Basra); these states were based on geographical distribution and cultural heritage. Moreover, the Kurds are in the north, the Sunnis are in the middle, and the Shiites are in the south, and with these, there are many other religious and national components in Iraq." Barzani continued.

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