Warnings escalate from ISIS to target an important economic nerve in an Iraqi governorate


Shafaq News / A security official in Salahuddin warned that ISIS had taken control of Marhaba al-Hinta farms on the outskirts of al- Sherqat district as the harvest season has approached.

"We expect increased attacks by roadside bombs to cut off the roads in front of farmers and prevent them from reaching their farms on the outskirts of al-Sherqat, especially the left coast," Ihsan al-Jubouri, a member of a security committee in the dissolved local Sharqat Council, said, warning from "burning crops to create security chaos." .

Al-Jubouri pointed out "the presence of ISIS dens and gatherings at the outskirts of al-Sherqat in Kanous regions and the mountains of Makhoul and its borders with Makhmour district," calling for "pre-emptive operations to clear those areas and protect farmers from massive economic losses."

He added, "The majority of the residents of al-Sherqat use agriculture as a single source of livelihood and must be protected from ISIS gangs."

Al- Sherqat district is located 125 km north of Tikrit, as its northern outskirts are witnessing security incidents and tensions from time to time due to its proximity to ISIS strongholds in Hamrin and Makhoul mountains that extend between several governorates in Iraq.

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