Trump's adviser reveals support fact for the demonstrations in Iraq and Washington's goal

Trump's adviser reveals support fact for the demonstrations in Iraq and Washington's goal

Shafaq News/ Gabriel Souma, a member of President Donald Trump's advisory board unveiled on Saturday the fact that the United States supports October protests in Iraq.

"Talking about Washington's standing behind or supporting the October demonstrations in Iraq are inaccurate and far from reality, America wants to reduce its influence in the region and reduce the areas in it, and that is why President Trump withdrew the US military from Syria. "" Souma told Shafaq News.

"President Donald Trump and the US administration do not want any problems for Iraq. On the contrary, they want Iraq to be a peaceful and democratic country," he said, “The fewer problems in Iraq, the better for America."

Trump's adviser added that "there are some Iraqi parties close and supported by Iran, broadcast news about the US stand protests in Iraq mixing papers, which comes within the US-Iranian dispute."

US Assistant Secretary of State ,David Schenker expressed support for the Iraqi government's reform efforts and urged accountability for the violence against demonstrators.

"US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs ,David Schenker left to Baghdad and Erbil between October 16 and 18 to discuss relations between the United States and Iraq, developments on the Iraq-Syria border, and recent demonstrations in Iraq," the embassy said in a statement received by Shafaq News.

"The Assistant Secretary met in Baghdad met the Prime Minister ,Adel Abdul Mahdi, President Barham Salih, Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammed al-Halbousi and National Security Advisor ,Faleh al-Fayyad then met Talabani and the President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani while being in Erbil. "

During his meetings, Assistant Secretary Schenker expressed his support for the Iraqi government and urged it to "conduct a prompt and transparent investigation into the violence that accompanied the recent popular demonstrations and hold those responsible to account." He also expressed grave concern over attacks against demonstrators, Iraqi security forces and media noting that peaceful demonstration is a fundamental democratic right. "

Schenker reiterated the continued bilateral cooperation of the United States to support a prosperous, stable and democratic Iraq, and to encourage the Iraqi government to take immediate steps to address the economic and governmental concerns of the Iraqi people.

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