Tribes agree to transfer more than 250 ISIS families from an Iraqi governorate

Tribes agree to transfer more than 250 ISIS families from an Iraqi governorate

Shafaq News / Tribal elders in Salahuddin province announced, on Tuesday, an agreement and consensus to deport families of Islamic State (ISIS) elements present in the eastern district north of Salahuddin out of the province, due to the escalation of attacks and terrorist incidents in several regions of the country, considering them a source of threat to the security of the province.  

"Dozens of elders held a meeting in Al-Shirqat district to study the recent security threats and repercussions and the result of the meeting was that these ISIS families must be deported numbering more than 250 families, out of the Shirqat district, and to address the concerned authorities to establish a camp for these families to be supervised and monitored by the security and intelligence services, " Sheikh Khalaf Zinad, one of the tribal elders in Salahuddin told Shafaq News.

"The ISIS families are considered a source of threat to the security of Shirqat and Salahuddin in general because of revenge reasons, which may reflect negatively on the security situation and the efforts of terrorist elements to exploit ISIS families to facilitate the implementation of terrorist plans and attacks," he said.

He noted that the tribal meeting demanded the security ministries and the government to return the director of Salahuddin intelligence, Major General Ahmed al-Zarkani, who was transferred in advance to address the intelligence gaps that the province is currently experiencing.

The demands of the tribes come on the background of the escalation of armed attacks in several provinces and the efforts of terrorist organizations to launch new attacks targeting security forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

The attacks by ISIS militants have increased widely since the start of Ramadan, targeting in particular the PMF fighters, causing dozens of casualties and injuries.

The most violent attacks took place on Saturday in Salahuddin, where the organization launched coordinated attacks on PMF, killing 11 of them.

Shirqat district is located 125 km north of Tikrit and 135 km west of Kirkuk.

ISIS took control of Shirqat district in 2014 before it was liberated in 2016 and 2017.

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