The strongest polar wave in years to hit Iraq


Shafaq News / Iraqi air forecaster , Sadiq Atiyah said on Tuesday, that the country is on a date next Sunday with the strongest cold wave of this season, the most severe in years.

Atiyah stated in a clarification on Facebook page that a very cold polar wave of origin will strike all the cities of the country and the whole region, next Sunday and will last for several days.

Atiyah added that when the wave enters temperatures will reach below zero in the north, west, and central parts of the country and the middle Euphrates, as well as the cities of the south.

He indicated that this cold wave is preceded by showers of rain that begin next Friday. Until now, weather maps and forecasts indicate that it will have limited impact to include the central, northern and western cities of the country.

Atiyah indicated that snowfall will be possible in Baghdad and the northern cities, when the polar wave controls the country’s airspace.

Shafaq Live
Shafaq Live