The Iraqi president urges to use the anniversary of victory over ISIS to form a new government


Shafaq News / The Iraqi President, Barham Salih called on the political blocs to choose a head of government within the constitutional period that ends next week.

In a speech he addressed on the anniversary of the liberation of Iraq from ISIS, Saleh said, "... and you, the heroes of our security forces, make the arenas and bridges points of intersection. Do not allow the enemies to distort our history and our victories through the infiltrators and vandals who want the worse Iraq and its people, And your concern to all of us, let us complete the march of reforming our system and correcting the deficiencies by establishing good governance. "

He added, "I call you, as I call on the political blocs, to cooperate with us in order to nominate those we accept and agree on to assign him to head the cabinet and form a new government within the constitutional periods and contexts to ensure that problems are solved and the reconstruction of the country and institutions is promoted as aspired by our young men , women , children , our elderly and all the spectrum of Iraqi society. Remembrance of victory is an example for unity, the promotion of a united will, and a firm determination to build our Iraq that we want. "

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