the Iraqi Government failed to handle the Yazidis issue, Sinjar Mayor

the Iraqi Government failed to handle the Yazidis issue, Sinjar Mayor

Shafaq News/ Sinjar Mayor, Mahma Khalil, held the United Nations responsible for preserving the Yazidi community after the Iraqi government "failed" in this issue.

Khalil, the head of the Services and Reconstruction Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, considered what the Yazidis suffered from the genocide, killing, and kidnapping as "a great offense to humanity and human rights, which puts the world in front of the responsibility of preserving and rehabilitating this community."

"The Yazidis today migrated because they lost confidence in the Iraqi government, which failed to fulfill their basic requirements and grant them their legitimate rights," Khalil added.

"The credibility of the United Nations is at stake today due to the situation of the Yazidi minority. It must find solutions to stop the genocide that is continuing."

"The United Nations's responsibility requires to hold the pressure on the Iraqi government to fulfill its duties by creating a climate favorable in Sinjar and calling the international community to reconstruct the district and remove all obstacles that prevent the people and the displaced from Returning."

"the immigration of Yazidi youth can only be prevented by convincing them to work hard and restoring hope in their homeland, under broad international solidarity and absolute seriousness to remove what expelled them from Sinjar including the Kurdistan Workers' Party." The KDP leader concluded.

The Yazidis are a religious minority that has inhabited the mountains of northwestern Iraq for centuries, and the region is home to their holy places, shrines, and ancestral villages.

The Yazidis are also concentrated north of Mosul and in the Kurdish-controlled governorate of Dohuk.

The Yazidis have suffered since ISIS stormed Sinjar in 2014.

ISIS slaughtered over 3,000 Yazidis, enslaved 7,000 women and girls, and displaced most of its 550,000-strong community.

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