Shelling targets Iraqi security forces near Baghdad


Shafaq News / The security information cell reported, on Tuesday morning, that Iraqi security forces were shelled in Basmaya camp near Baghdad.

According to a statement of the cell, two missiles occurred yesterday evening at the forces in Basmaya camp, based on agricultural land in al-Nahrawan brick factories.

The cell did not give more details.

Basmaya camp is protected by the international coalition forces, which is training Iraqi security personnel.

The US-led international coalition announced that there were casualties among its forces due to a second missile attack within days targeting Taji camp in Iraq.

The Joint Operations Command in Iraq has previously confirmed that two members of the Iraqi Air Defense Forces were wounded in the attack.

Earlier this week, two American soldiers and a British female soldier were killed by an intense missile attack targeting Taji camp.

In the aftermath, the United States launched retaliatory air strikes on the sites of the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigade.

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