Sadr comments on Ameri's response: If Abdul Mahdi doesn’t resign then Iraq will be like Syria and Yemen


Shafaq News/ Sadr leader ,Muqtada al-Sadr warned on Wednesday from making the situation in Iraq the same as Syria, and Yemen if Prime Minister ,Adel Abdul Mahdi does not resign from his post, declaring that he didn’t    ally with the parties refusing his resign in reference to "Fateh" alliance led by the Secretary General Organization of "Badr group" Hadi al - Amiri.

Sadr said in a post on social media "Twitter", today, that "we received a response for our demands yesterday, this is just a warning not a threat, you people are higher than fear for those who did not notice I try to alert or (warn) yesterday it was Syria and Yemen, and now Iraq …yesterday Bashar then Abed Rabbo and now Adel Abdul Mahdi “.

He added, " rebel people, the resignation of Abdul-Mahdi will deepen the crisis," adding: "First: non-resignation of Abdul-Mahdi will not stop blood shedding, secondly: his resignation will make Iraq like Syria and Yemen, third: I will not participate in alliances with you (government) Today".

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