KDP winning candidate accuses parties of pushing "infiltrators" into the party's celebrations


Shafaq News/ The winning candidate for the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Kirkuk governorate, Shakhwan Abdullah, accused parties that did not win in the elections of pushing "infiltrators" into the party's celebrations.

Abdullah said in a press conference, "The party that lost its seats in Kirkuk tried to destabilize security by sending infiltrators to the celebrating masses, supporters, and cadres of the Kurdistan Democratic Party," adding, "Investigations showed that political parties involved in these actions." 

 He pointed out that the security forces launched a campaign of "arbitrary arrests" against Kurdish youth, and arrested people who had nothing to do with any acts of violence.

 Abdullah called on Kirkuk's residents to be patient and maintain stability, calling on the security services to "preserve security."

 He stressed that the detainees will be released, hoping that "the losers will not take advantage of the security situation."

"The militarization of the governorate is not in its interest, and the internal security file must be handled by the local police, supported by the federal forces and the Peshmerga."

 Abdullah expressed appreciation for the Joint Operations Commander, Lieutenant-General Ali Al-Fariji, for his assistance in releasing the detainees who were arrested yesterday by the 61st Brigade forces.

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