preemptive operations to purge al-Miqdadiyah northern villages from ISIS groups


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi security forces on Thursday launched a series of large-scale military operations to pursue ISIS remnants in the northern villages of al-Miqdadiyah district, 40 kilometers to the northeast of Baqubah, Diyala's capital city.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that a joint force from the police departments of al-Miqdadiyah and al-Mansouriyah, accompanied by explosive ordinance disposal and communication unit, carried a search campaign in the villages of Khams Josour, Hamandaliyah, Tawakol, Sharqraq, Wuloush, and Shamamleh, and Jazira, in the north of al-Miqdadiyah and the territories adjacent to the Diyala basin near al-Mansouriyah.

The operations aimed, according to the source, "to track the terrorist groups, destroy their hideouts, execute arrest warrants, and hinder ISIS terrorists from sheltering in the villages and orchards located at the outskirts of al-Miqdadiyah."

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