Photos... Lieutenant General Abdul Wahab al- Saadi present among demonstrators in Baghdad


Shafaq News/ Activists circulated on social networking sites at dawn on Wednesday pictures of former anti-terrorism forces commander Lieutenant General ,Abdul Wahab al-Saadi amid a group of demonstrators in the capital Baghdad.

Protesters took pictures of al-Saadi in a car and putting the Iraqi flag on his shoulders in Baghdad's Zayouna district.

The demonstrators considered the presence of Saadi among them as a support of the protests in the country.

The Prime Minister ordered the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Adel Abdul-Mahdi at the end of September to refer Lieutenant General ,Abdul Wahab al-Saadi the head of the Counter-Terrorism Service, to the Ministry of Defense.

Al-Saadi, a graduate of the first military college, graduated from the military ranks until he was transferred to the Counterterrorism Service. He became the Chief of Staff of the Counter-Terrorism Forces (equivalent to the former Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Republican Guard) and supervised the graduation of many Special Operations fighters.

Saadi has played a prominent role in fighting ISIS since the battle of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, in 2014 until Mosul city was liberated.

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