New security approach to be taken in Samarra


Shafaq News / Samarra Operations Command announced on Tuesday, the completion of a plan to organize and redeploy its security units within its borders with Diyala and Anbar provinces to prevent the infiltration of ISIS and secure the district from potential security threats.

“ reorganization and deployment plan had been in place for 6 months, but Corona pandemic had delayed its implementation and had been completed to secure the separating borders with the provinces and “control the loose security”, indicating that the new security plan provides flexibility to the security sectors in dealing with security threats through the adoption of monitoring methods, drones and thermal cameras,” The commander of Samarra Operations, Major General Emad Al-Zuhairi told Shafaq News agency.

Al-Zuhairi added that the plan includes strengthening and intensifying preemptive operations against terrorist dens and adopting a good method in cooperation with clans and citizens in remote and geographically complicated areas.

Al-Zuhairi stressed the perpetuation of border fortifications with Diyala, Anbar, and northern Baghdad, and preventing terrorist elements from communicating and coordinating their terrorist attacks, as well as strengthening police regiments by the provincial police directorate with surveillance cameras in al-Dhuluiya district, south of Samarra by 100%, and in Balad district with advanced rates and work is under way to complete the plans of the cameras in all districts and areas.

Salahuddin  governorate has witnessed, since last April, a remarkable escalation of attacks that targeted security forces, Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), and several areas causing dozens of casualties and injuries.

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