Najaf records 87 new Covid-19 infections


Shafaq News / Najaf province has recorded nearly 90 new cases of Corona virus (Covid-19) in an unprecedented toll since the outbreak of the pandemic in the province, a medical source said on Tuesday.

“The results of laboratory tests showed 87 new confirmed cases of the virus, the source told Shafaq News Agency.

Covid-19 infections have surged in all parts of Iraq significantly to exceed 1000 daily infection with high mortality rate.

As the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment announced on Monday recording 1115 active cases, 386 recoveries and 24 deaths of Corona virus in the past 24 hours throughout the country.

The Ministry indicated that the total number of confirmed cases rose to 134,481, the total number recovered cases 5572, people in hospitals 7539, those in intensive care to 75 and the total deaths 370.

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