local official calls for securing Baghdad of terrorist time bombs surrounding it


Shafaq News/ A local official in Diyala demanded the security authorities to secure the areas between Diyala and Baghdad from the "terrorist time-bombs" that hamper Baghdad's security.

The director of Kanaan sub-district, 18 kilometers northeast to Baquba, Mahdi Abdulkarim Al-Shammari, told Shafaq News Agency, "Vast areas affiliated with four administrative units; Baladruz, Kanaan, Buhriz, and Bani Saad; on the borders  Baghdad are devoid of security presence and contain serious security flaws that might threaten the security of Diyala and Baghdad in the future."

 Al-Shammari called for "setting up thermographic cameras and night patrols to monitor the movements of terrorists, as well as launching drones to uncover the dens and hideouts. Those act as time bombs that threaten the security of Baghdad and Diyala alike."

"The Diyala belt areas with Baghdad from the southeastern front of Diyala are empty of residents after displacing the residents of about 30 agricultural villages after ISIS invasion in 2014." 

 Al-Shammari added, "The deserted areas between Baghdad and Diyala contain drainage canals and swamps surrounded by dense jungles, and are designed to build hostels for terrorist groups."

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