ISIS launches an attack against Iraqi forces in Jalawla district


Shafaq News / An Iraqi police source said on Wednesday that ISIS launched an attack on the Iraqi army in Jalawla sub-district of the disputed Khanaqin district between Erbil and Baghdad, which currently is affiliated to Diyala Governorate.

The source told Shafaq News that members of the extremist organization had bombed with mortars late last night, a security checkpoint of the army at the southern entrance to the sub-district.

The source added that the elements of the army forces present there were   in a state of alert, and this was not known if the attack resulted in casualties.

4 members of Kirkuk Mobilization Forces were injured during an attack by ISIS in Al-Rashad district of the disputed governorate, according to the security media cell yesterday.

It should be noted that ISIS elements attacked on Tuesday evening Dibis village in Kirkuk and opened fire on the people, killing four people and wounding others.

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