Iraqi judiciary filed a request to lift the immunity of 21 parliamentarians


Shafaq News / The Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council announced on Wednesday submitting a request to lift the immunity from two members in the Iraqi Parliament.

The Center said in a statement today that the Supreme Judicial Council sent through the Prosecution Presidency , a request to lift the immunity from (10) members of the Parliament on charges of corruption offenses during the administrative positions in executive positions, and sent a request to lift the immunity of (11) others due to crimes not related to administrative corruption, pointing out that the Supreme Judicial Council replied to the Integrity Committee in the parliament regarding the submission of a list of what is required to lift the immunity and was done.

The statement stressed that the Supreme Judicial Council takes into account the privacy of the political and social status of members of the parliament required to lift immunity from them, especially that their legal position is still in the role of investigation or trial and have not been convicted of final provisions so that their names can be declared.

The Supreme Judicial Council explained that this approach was generally followed by the Supreme Judicial Council not to declare information that might harm a particular person until such information has been proved by a final court order.

The statement pointed out that those who want to verify the authenticity of the communications regarding requests to lift immunity can review the competent administrative authorities in the Presidency of the parliament and ensure from it.

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