Iraq announces 22 deaths and 787 new Covid-19 cases


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday, that the number of Covid-19 confirmed cases in the whole country has uptick to 14,268 since its outbreak, with 392 deaths.

“ The Ministry stated that (10711) samples in all specialized laboratories in Iraq today, thus the total number of tested samples since the beginning of the virus registration in Iraq mounted to (322691),  the Ministry’s statement received by Shafaq News Agency read.

According to the health authorities statement, the Ministry's laboratories have recorded (787) confirmed cases today in Iraq, distributed as follows:

Baghdad / Rusafa: 118 ,Baghdad / Al-Karkh: 67 , Medical City: 73 ,Najaf: 87 Basra: 62 , Sulaymaniyah: 93 ,Erbil: 44 ,Duhok: one, Karbala: 25 ,Wasit: 13 Kirkuk: seven , Diyala: 26 ,Babil: 52 ,Maysan: 23, Diwaniyah: 34 ,Dhi Qar: 32 , Al Muthanna: three,  Salahuddin: 15 and Anbar: 12.

Recovery cases were 259 distributed as follows: Baghdad / Rusafa: 63 Baghdad / Karkh: 49 ,Medical City: 28 , Najaf:four , Basra: 11 ,Sulaimaniyah: 49 ,Erbil: 10 ,Duhok: five , Karbala: seven, Kirkuk: three,  Diwaniya: four , Dhi Qar : 17 Nineveh: four and Maysan: five.

The death toll in one day in Iraq was 22 :  Baghdad / Rusafa five deaths and   Baghdad / Karkh: nine deaths.

Thus, the total number of active Corona virus cases since the outbreak of the virus last March is 14,268 cases, the total recovery cases is 5831, the total number of people in hospitals 8045, those who are in intensive care are 70, and the total deaths are 392 cases.

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