Iran issues clarification on the status of its embassy in Baghdad


Shafaq News/ The Iranian state television denied on Tuesday that the Iranian embassy in Baghdad had been attacked by angry Iraqi protesters against ruling political class supported by Tehran.

"Special forces from the Iraqi army, as well as riot police, are in front of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad," Iranian news agency Khabar reported.”

"Media reports that the Iranian embassy in Baghdad have been attacked are untrue and there is complete security around our embassy," the officials said.

On Monday evening, Iraqi protesters were able to raise the Iraqi flag over the wall of the Iranian consulate in the Iraqi city of Karbala for the second time.

At least three people were killed and 19 wounded when protesters stormed the Iranian consulate in Karbala on Sunday, setting the consulate wall on fire and replacing the Iranian flag with an Iraqi flag.

Protesters also threw stones and burned tires around the building in Karbala.

The Iraqi security authorities talked about the injury of seven policemen during clashes with angry demonstrators who wanted to storm the Iranian consulate in Karbala.

This incident comes amid widespread demonstrations in the provinces of central and southern Iraq, killing more than 250 people and injuring thousands.

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