Injuries among protesters, clashes and a university professor assassinated in Iraq


Shafaq News / Casualties took place among the protesters on Tuesday when security forces opened fire at them in Wasit Governorate.

A police source and eyewitnesses told Shafaq News, that a number of protesters were injured as a result of gunfire shoots by the security forces in Al-Houra Street in Wasit Governorate.

On the other hand, the Iraqi Observatory for Journalistic Freedoms reported that the university professor, Muhammad Hussein Alwan who is a professor of media at Al-Mustansiriya University and a member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, who was killed on Tuesday in front of his house in the capital Baghdad.

The Observatory said in a statement that Muhammad Hussein Alwan was driving one of his daughters to the university this morning when three masked men shot him dead near his house north of the capital, Baghdad.

Alwan is known for practicing cultural activities sponsored by state institutions, and the Syndicate of Journalists, a well-known TV face, a journalist, a writer, and a professor at Al-Mustansiriya University.

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