Gay flag raised in the capital Baghdad


Shafaq News / The European Union mission in Iraq raised today "gay" flag or what is named as rainbow flag officially in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and this is the first time that this has happened.

The official account of the mission on "Twitter" said “In conjunction with the Canadian embassy and the British embassy in Iraq, we are joining today in Baghdad with the European Union missions around the world in raising the rainbow flag to celebrate the World Day against homophobia and sexual transformation and highlighting the rights of gays , transgender and intersex .

The British embassy in Iraq praised on the third of last March, what it said was the "recognition" of the Iraqi government of gay rights in the country, which generated angry reactions by clerics and politicians, who called for the expulsion of the ambassador from the country, while government sources denied the recognition.

Earlier, the Iraqi group, "Iraquer" and the US-based Outright Right Action International, had documented the kidnapping and killing of "gay" people by members of unidentified Iraqi armed groups.

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