Claims to execute ISIS prisoners with poison gas


Shafaq News/ The Justice and Development Organization for Middle East and North Africa Studies called on the international community and all countries of the world to execute all prisoners of ISIS from different nationalities around the world using gas chambers and poisonous gases for committing brutal crimes against humanity in several countries, Iraq, Syria and European countries.

In a statement to Shafaq News, the organization's spokesman Zaidan al-Qinai called not to put ISIS prisoners in their prisons or return them to their countries of origin where they hold Arab and European nationalities, calling for the execution of all ISIS prisoners by using gas chambers and poisonous gases because of the presence of thousands of ISIS prisoners in the prisons of Turkey, Iraq and other countries.

He warned from "returning ISIS prisoners to their countries of origin or placing them in the prisons of European or Arab countries for recruiting new elements if the terrorist organization is rebuilt."

Turkey has threatened to return ISIS prisoners to several European countries with European citizenship, which was rejected  by the organization.

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