Camp Administration releases 200 ISIS members and families


Shafaq News / The administration of Al- Hawl camp in Hasaka province in Syria, announced on Sunday, its intention to release a new group of 200 people, including children and women of armed ISIS militants.

"More than 200 detainees will be released from the camp today," Rudaw said, quoting the official of the Northeast Syria camps, Sheikhimos Ahmed as saying.

He explained that among those released were "15 members of ISIS who had not been found to have any crimes."

Ahmed said, "The rest are women and children from the governorates of Homs, Raqqa and Syrian Deir Ezzor."

According to United Nations reports, 73,000 people were accommodated in Al-Hawl camp in 13,000 tents, including 49,000 children, as Al- Hawl is the largest camp for ISIS women and children in Syria and Iraq.

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