Basra police announces arresting some people accused of burning in the demonstrations


Shafaq News/ Basra police announced on Sunday the arrest of a group of people accused of burning during the demonstrations in the province.

"We have succeeded in controlling the saboteurs in Basra," police chief Lieutenant General ,Rashid Flaih said in a news conference. "There is an extension of sabotage in Basra as ISIS groups have sent them to Basra, ISIS hosts have been set up but they were arrested. "

"ISIS had a mission to sabotage the demonstrations in September and October," he said, noting that "these elements receive salaries in dollars from the intelligence services of certain countries, where they threw police with Molotov cocktails and 17 security personnel were injured. "

Flaih pointed out that "the number of wounded from Basra police is 95 wounded while 2 of them are in intensive care," adding that "the number of burned police wheels were four."

"No building in Basra has been burned and the security forces have not fired a single shot," he said, accusing "foreign intelligence agencies of working to target Basra."

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